03 December 2011

#3 - The Show and Tell.

 Gay in Romsey England sent these three little quilts for our 'Show'
 Gay #2
 Gay #3

 Was this Ros Hack's quilt top?  You see the trouble is a couple of people said to me today that they didn't know how I remembered who's quilt was whose... and now I've gone and forgotten!  Darn!

 This is one for Sharon's son, I remember that... as is the pretty one below.... I think!  :-)

This one belongs to Stephanie.

Another one from Stephanie, we saw this in it's unfinished state, looks great now doesn't it.

 The group of Willoughby Girls High ex students behind us asked to see the quilts as well and gave great applause.
 Now I couldn't get this one wrong now could I... Another one of Stephanie's

 Sue made this quilt to be raffled.

 Marilyn has at last finished her second, yes... second Jane Austen Quilt and this photo just doesn't do it justice, I needed to get a few close ups.

 More applause from the table behind us.

Another one of Marilyn's... you couldn't get more different from the Jane Austen one could you.


Ros said...

Yes Pennie that is my quilt I am making for my hubby. It was a Jelly Roll quilt took me less than 2 hours to put together at a retreat.

Alexis Lawrence said...

Thank you for sharing about the Sydney Scquilters. It seems like your all have alot of fun when you meet.