07 January 2018

Saturday 6 January 2018

 Everyone was glad to relax and chat after the busy Christmas period and some hand work was even completed!

 26 of us travelled across Sydney for a busy first get together of the year. A new face and some faces we haven't seen for a while.

 Jill and Marilyn

 Lynne and Liz

Betty-Anne and Ann-Maree
Jackie and Heather
Joy, Robyn and Shirley

Rita and Emma

Irene, Shirley, Jean and Lyn

Selina and Jean discussing Jean's progress on the new Bonnie K Hunter (Mystery Quilt) On Ringo Lake.
Joy's colourway and progress on the same Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt
The Handwork:

Lynne is stitching some Gum Nut Babies

Liz is creating something new.

This is Ann-Maree's work but because Betty-Ann had no handwork with her Ann-Maree graciously let Betty-Ann do some of the stitching for her. Betty-Ann has already completed her own!

This is what the completed project will look like.

Ann-Maree was actually appliqueing baskets.

Emma was crocheting a pretty hexagonal rug.

Jackie was binding.

Heather was appliqueing

Joy was appliqueing

Shirley was also appliqueing.

Jean was hand sewing.
Selina was busy cutting fabrics for her next project.

Jill was creating a great Toucan quilt with circles for her son. Now I've never seen Toucan fabric before but Jill's son asked for a Toucan quilt one day and the next day she went to the shop and there it was .. Toucan fabric in three different colourways!

Roslyn was also binding.

Nicole was creating hexagons.

Cath was working on her purple hexagon collection.

Robyn was working on ........ hexagons!

Penny almost completed another Patchwork of the Crosses block (Lucy Boston) block.

Ann was knitting a beanie.

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