20 January 2018

Handwork, busy hands make beautiful work!!

Yes I have to admit it, I'm making ANOTHER large 1/2 inch Hexagon Quilt...  I know... mad, mad, mad.

Ann was knitting another Beanie for Charity.

Fabulous and bright and very colourful Hexie Diamond made and appliqued by Heather.

Marilyn is on a mission to finish off some of her projects this year, some were started way back... Great success today, this Shawl was finished!  #1 down and dusted for 2018.

Penny tells me she has only a few more of these larger blocks to go...  been one very long time project but will be stunning when finished and hand quilted that's for sure.

Toucan's galore for Jill, sewing squares into rows with one Toucan per row.

Very very very fine stitching for Lynne, you can hardly see the lines to follow... another one of her stunning projects coming up.

Pretty fabric being turned into teardrops to applique for Maureen, looking forward to seeing what...

Jo thinks she might cut this panel into four and do... sorry I've forgotten, you will just have to stay tuned.

I just love these, what ever they are, Rhonda was basting and there were many many many of them whatever they are... what does one call this shape??  It would have helped if I'd asked her eh!

Pene was sewing lots of curved pieces to make these blocks, aren't they fascinating, looking forward to seeing them all put together.

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