08 October 2017

Twenty One today, Twenty One today, We've never been 21 before.... but we all have the key to the Door!! :-)

The word is that one can meet some seriously strange people over the Internet but there again this particular 'One' has met a lot more truly amazing and wonderful and creative and inspiring friends during the 20 plus years that I have been an online SCQuilter... 
Twenty one of the best were together at the Pub yesterday.

 Jill and Michelle certainly had a fun day!

Lovely to see Maggie again, it seems like ages here with our lovely Brenda.

We have a new friend in Lesley. hope you can come again Lesley... along with our longtime friend Robyn.

Maureen and Liz  both looking very happy.   Liz is wearing an amazing shirt/dress I really should have taken a photo of.

Penny and Lynne look very happy to see me!

Heather, Marilyn and Annie enjoying the catching up.

We haven't seen Gillian for a while so I'm giving her a big hug hoping she comes back...

Another very happy couple both wearing beautiful necklaces... Emma and Irene.

Here's our friend Brenda again... and lovely to see Lissapoo back at the pub, it's been a while.

Becky and Steph look like they are up to mischief don't they.

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