08 October 2017

Lots of very inspiring handwork! - 9 Hexies - 6 Knitting - 3 Crochet - 2 Nothing - 1 Embroidery - 1 Binding... not that anyone's counting!

 Marilyn made this very soft case for her Mobile phone, I admired it enormously and she's promised to make me one for when I update my very very old Mobile!! 

Will you just look at what a certain person who regularly says... 'I am never doing Hexagons again!'...  is making!   Okay I admit it, Penniedarling is hooked on these 3" Hexies using old Doily's etc.  It's not my fault, I was innocently shopping in a certain fabric shop a couple of weeks ago when my assistant happened to mention and show me a photo of a certain pattern called 'Sweet Summer'.  Well what's a quilter supposed to do eh!  when at home she had heaps of these old family made doily's tray cloths, serviette's and so on just sitting never being used and likely to be thrown out one day... and I'm just loving it!   Don't know what it will be yet but that's part of the fun  :-)

 Lesley was making Hexies and check out her beautiful little Hexie sewing kit below.
One little hexie for the scissors to sit on with a button keeping them safe and another to keep the points our of harms way, a little piece of metal under that hexie under her thimble keeps it in place, a little pouch for any extra's, an opening hexie for needles, a lovely little padded hexie for pins and an extra padded hexie on the zip handle to make closing this beautiful pouch closed and safe.

Gillian tells me... The book was written by Leah Zieber, who then set up the FB group Libby Morgan Mosaic Quit sew Along 2017 to encourage people to make a fussy cut rosettes quilt in whatever size they like.  There are lots of hints in the group on types of prints to choose, colour combinations, sizes and what have you.  It's a very warm and friendly group with lots of interesting people in it.    
Oh dear I think I might be tempted once again.......... 

Lissa Crocheted this bag and was going to finish off the handles at the Pub but then decided Leather Handles would be nicer and keep the bag in better shape so she had no handwork to do at the Pub yesterday, just like me, I remembered to bring along a whole lot of things to show but forgot my handwork!  very frustrating it is when all around you there are creative people busy making some amazing things.

Robyn was into hexies as well, this is looking interesting I wonder where it's going.

Heather...  I just love this!  Can't wait to see more!

Annie's knitting something quite delicious here... I forgot to ask what.

Stephanie had three beautiful things on the go yesterday...
 ... and two beautiful knitting

Beck made this beautiful circular shawl... I think that's what it's called... for her SIL's 50th!
 Beck showed me the full circle below which you fold in half to wear!  What fun.

Jill was quilting some fun very colourful quilt

Michelle was knitting this amazing coloured shawl.

Penny onto more Lucy Boston blocks.

Lynne was cutting out something that we know will be amazing one day.

Irene crocheting a shawl.

Maureen was making these elongated hexies, not for Lucy Boston but some other pattern she showed me but I didn't take a photo of, hope we see more of these Maureen.

Liz... the amazing Lizzie!  She certainly comes up with some amazing stitchery doesn't she.
 A rather dark close up of her pouch.

Emma was binding this table runner, I didn't take a photo of the front, silly me!

Glynis was cutting, cutting and cutting our lots of plain Hexies!   I wonder where they are going?

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