16 September 2017

Yummy and very yummy lunch! The Penno Pub really does a delicious lunch!

Duck Pancakes!  My very favourite!  Along with 6 Natural Oysters, this was my delicious lunch!

Irene also chose Duck Pancakes but her Oysters were different to mine...  3 Natural with soy mirin, pickled ginger & stone sprouts and 3 tempura battered with crab, cucmber & ponzu mayo

Barramundi Taco Plate was enjoyed by Kathleen.

Lamb Salad, I know Lynne has been dreaming of this dish.

Sticky Squid Salad... always a favourite.

Salt and Pepper Squid.

The Beef Bourguignon Shepherds Pot Pie was popular a few of us enjoyed this dish.

Kids Fish and Chips, Maureen enjoyed this dish even though she isn't a kid!

Ros says both she and Nicole enjoyed this Duck Salad was very delicious indeed!

Brenda enjoyed the Chicken Burger with maple bacon.

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