02 September 2017

Busy hands make happy hearts! and there sure were lots of happy hearts at the Pub today!

Becky is knitting a shawl.

Cath is hand piecing some hexagon blocks.

Christine is on the Hexagon trail.

Heather has a new phone cover... I think she likes Cats don't you  :-)

Irene made this delicious Passionfruit yummy, gooey, delicious slice.

Irene is knitting a shawl.

Jenn is finishing some quilting.

Liz is doing some very fine stitching.

Liz has a new Hat!  :-)

And... a Falcon on Lizzie's sewing bag.

Lynne just finishing off the binding on this quilt.

Both Stephanie and Marilyn bought along some books to give away.

Maureen is sewing a border for her quilt.

Michelle is knitting a very complicated shawl.

Pennie is knitting her 6th Aran Jumper in 50 years... know the pattern off by heart I do now.

Rita is making a little Christmas Decoration.

Who belongs to these nails I wonder!!!!!

...  There are two of them!

It's Selina with those fancy nails working on her wonderful long time project.

Stephanie is knitting socks.

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