02 July 2017

SCQuilters, SCQuilters and more SCQuilters! All happy, some a litlte bit naughty but all enjoying a good day.

Well it was a little bit spooky at the Blue Gum Pub today, here I am all ready to sit and sew and chat and take photos and then there was a Hazzard and if that wasn't strange enough along came a Husband!  But wait... then a Pring happened!   Boy oh Boy! 
Oh yes you can be sure...  
We're a Weird Mob!

Lovely to see you back Jenn and Donna (Hazzard
Emma and Jo were looking very spiffing in their new hats!
Lynne and Lizzie, very cosy and warm.
Heather and Beck looking very happy.
Annie and Stephanie all rugged up and prepared for the cold.
Two Pennie's or should I say Tuppence!  Pennie and Penny...
Rita and Yan (Pring) behaving for once!
Wendy (Husband), Yan and some naughty photo bomber!! 

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