02 July 2017

Handy work being performed by very Handy people.

Rita continuing hexi by hexi on her Monet's Garden.

Stephanie making this magnificent scarf for Ruth.

Steph was also onto the crochet.

Knitted Pin cushions made by Emma, what a clever idea!

Emma only finished this pretty little flower on her hat this morning.

Emma's darling little needle case.

Wow!  This is just one of Donna's blocks... looking forward to seeing more!

Ruth starting a new project, I wonder what it will be...

Now this is something we don't see often.  Becky is knitting a skirt for someone!

My brain jumped back almost 50 years...  I knitted myself a beautiful dress way back in the 1960's and I so loved that dress, it was a lovely yellow and was so cosy and delicious to wear...  But!  David and I were traveling all around the place and my beautiful yellow hand knitted dress was stolen in Milan, Italy!    Very sad I was but I've never knitted another... I wonder why  LOL!   So digging around like I'm apt to do... here is a photo of me in my dress, only black and white, couldn't afford colour film back then.

Becky modeling Marilyn's scarf for her... is this what these are called?

Annie has plastic bag after plastic bag of these little crochet squares all sorts of colours!  Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

 Heather continues on with these borders.

 I wonder what Jo is up to here, looks very interesting.

 Liz's new project.

 Liz finishing off her 'roll' we've seen her working on previously... what does one call these please.

 Lynne is working on a challenge I am also involved in, she's very brave letting me see it don't you think!  I haven't started my challenge yet... i might copy???

 Magic mother clips and baby clips perfect for Penny's Lucy Boston.

 A couple of little quilts Wendy was finishing off.

And below... Yan's 'Portrait' dilly bag.

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Vireya said...

Everything looks wonderful, but I particularly love that photo of 60s you in your knitted dress. What a shame it was stolen after all that work, but at least you have the fab photo!