09 October 2016

Some days I just ask myself... how do they do it! How do these people think of such wonderful things to make, how do they design them, how do they work out the easiest way to make them and where do they find their inspiration... Here we have some Show, Show, Show and Tell.

Heather made this delightful dress up book for her grandchild, I remember something like this in paper when I was a child but these look a lot more fun.

Wow how beautiful is this quilt of Jenny's, shimmering away as it does.

And... check out what our Lisa is up to now, what fun does this jewelry look, made of metal it is.

Lynne is a lovely Granny, she made this quilt for a friend of her grand daughters who is a young Filipino lass studying in Canberra with no family in Australia.    It's made with Aussie Fabrics  :-)

Joy oh Joy, what Joy!    Joy made these two 'similar' quilts for her twin grand daughters... They are going to love these Joy!  I just enjoyed a few minutes finding the different colours in each one.

So many wonderful stitches in Michelle's crocheted rug, can you see the wonderful little bobbles around the edges?   Michelle wants you to  know that she hasn't blocked it yet!

This is a book Jenny is making for a class she will be teaching those new to quilting, the book it's self is a work of art in it's self.

I am ashamed to say I've forgotten who made this fantastic Tea Cup quilt... very clever it is.

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