09 October 2016

Halo's shining over most of us today :-)

Lynne, I hope you shared one of your Halo's with Penny.
No Halo's for Liz and Kate but they did behave, they were just delightful.
Two perfect Halo's for Christine and Lynette.
Two and a spare Halo's for Joy and Kathleen.
No Halo's for Jenny or Lisa but they both deserve one or two in fact    :-)
Michelle has three Halo's, I hope she shared with you Brenda.
Sel and Jenn escaped before I could take their photos but ... you can't escape from me you two, you just don't get Halo's... this photo was taken exactly 12 months ago!!  :-) 
Just look at Heather and Robyn, sharing three Halo's very happily.
No Halo for me :-(  but the good thing is that Michelle's Halo is slipping .....   Yay!  at last.

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