18 September 2016

Some very new and very inspiring handwork and some very old but still inspiring handwork happening at the Pub yesterday.

Will you take a close look at what our Liz is up to.  This printed piece of fabric was given to her by a teacher who showed Liz how to pull threads from other similar fabrics and use those very threads to embroider over the pattern... incredible isn't it!

Michelle is making so many wonderful patterns with this crochet rug of hers and aren't the colours just fabulous together!

Wow!  Nola is still working on her blocks that around an old SCQ Sigs, I can see a couple of names I know here but there will be more in the 'Show and Tell'  :-)

I was using up old wool to knit another square for Wrap with Love.

Irene's Crochet Square which is probably going into a blanket for a charity, Irene is always crocheting or knitting something for a charity.  Lovely idea :-)

Another block for Jill's Hexagon Quilt.

At last, at last... Heather is on her last block... we've been watching these blocks come along to the Pubs for more than a year I think and I've loved every one of them hoping she finishes soon so we can see the finished product!  Not long now folks :-)

Binding by Marilyn... love the backing fabric, you can see more in the Show and Tell photos.

Loving these fun but difficult looking blocks being made by Kathleen.

Now someone told me Lynne was making bricks... I thought they were joking until I just saw this photo I took... now I can see the bricks, is it the 'Yellow Brick Road' Lynne??

Nice little stars being made by Christine.

Lissa blocks are growing and growing in number, I think this quilt is going to be enormous although yesterday Lissapoo said she thought she might make the actual quilt smaller than she first thought she may do.

Another pretty little hexagon by Glynis.

Binding by Cath.

Hey and what's this below!     It is...  Sticky Fig & Prosciutto Bruschetta.    I wish I'd ordered this one it looks seriously delicious.  Oh well there's always next month!

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