16 July 2016

Show and Tell.

 Gillian had two lovely little girl quilts for Show.
 Top and Back below.

 I didn't have any new quilts to show so I bought three little Babushka's from my Collection.  Above there are two Babushkas that have something in common and one that is a bit naughty... can you guess which is which?

 This is one of my largest Babushkas, Mooks (An Australian made Children's Wear Company) has 10 dolls in it.

And this little set of Babuakas also has 10 dolls inside... the smallest one being smaller than a grain of rice.  Can you see the lady with the crown on her head is smoking as is the older man!  This is the only set of Babushkas (I have and I do have many 100's of sets),  with smokers in them/on them :-)

So... Bill Clinton must be the naughty Babushka!  Inside we have Monica Lewinsky, inside her we have Gennifer Flower, then Hillary and apparently Bill is fond of playing the Sax!
 If you would like to see Bill Clinton playing the Saxophone, it's HERE on YouTube.

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