16 July 2016

Just a small group of us at the Penno Pub today, lots of chat and good laughs with everybody sewing away at some wonderful project.

Here's what we got up to today...

 I love all these fussy cut Pentagon blocks being made by Gillian, isn't it wonderful what you can do with a bit of fussy cutting!
 Below is one of Gillian's thread holders.

 Heather's handwork is coming along nicely.

 Irene is knitting a cotton beanie for her daughter.

 This applique border of Joy's is coming along very nicely and I love her little sewing bag below.

 I'm loving what Liz is doing here and below is her sewing bag with a place for scissors and needles and threads as well.

 Gosh Lynne has been producing some fabulous stitchery, that's her flower above, her bird below and....

 Just look at this beautiful piece of work, looks just like a flower garden.

Maureen is stitching away with these wonderful old Japanese fabrics, she's replicating an old quilt, below are some of the blocks she's made already... looking fantastic Maureen.

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