09 November 2015

A Rouges Gallery of Southern Cross Quilters. Do you know these people? Even I can't put names to some but most I can, what about you Michelle Watters? Would you believe, some of these SCQers have been coming to both Pubs for more than 10! Are you in any of these Photos?

This was a gathering held at my home with a bus trip thrown in for the lucky SCQuilters who could come.  I was December 2003.

  2005 - Sydney SCQuilters Retreat - 11 out of 12 from a break-away SCQuilter Group called the 'Cows' living in WA, SA, Vic, Tas and NSW.

 2006 - Where we all started at Pennant Hills Inn now called Hotel Pennant Hills, Pennant Hills.

 2007 - Pennant Hills.   (we had to find a different Pub because Pennant Hills turned 'our' room into a smoking room.  Now it's been redone and a much nicer place to be.)

 2008 - First Year at the Blue Gum Pub.






2015 - Another break away SCQuilters Group - The Ku-ring-gai's.

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