08 November 2015

Another Saturday spent at the Pub! We weren't able to have our usual room this month, it was full of Normanhurst Boys High ex-students enjoying a reunion, so we were in the larger room sharing with another group of ladies celebrating a 40th Birthday and lots of other tables full of Ladies!

I didn't take heaps of photos this month it was a bit difficult but there was lots of Show and Tell... and surprise, surprise... five were mine!
 My knitted Hexagon Blanket... I know I said I was never going to sew another Hexagon but knitting is different to sewing isn't it  :-)

 This is my Belinda Giblin 'Trip around the World' challenge.  I added some borders to make it just that bit bigger.

The next three are my Bonnie K Hunter 'Grand Illusions' Mystery Quilt.  I'd made all the blocks for this mystery but found the finished quilt far too busy for me so I turned my blocks into three single bed quilts that are heading to a Charity when they are quilted.
 Pennie's BKH 'Grand Illusions' #1.

 Pennie's BKH 'Grand Illusions #2.

 Pennie's BKH ' Grand Illusions' #3

Now below is Jean's BKH 'Grand Illusions.  Jean choose much softer colours for her Grandson so it doesn't look as busy as mine was going to.

 Rita had some beaut Show and Tell today. Top is front and below is back of a quilt going to a Soldier.

 Rita's old Jean's quilt.
 A new project for Rita above and below some fabric for the back.

 Lyn's quilt for her Grand Daughter.

 Jackie made this quilt above  for her Grand Daughter and check out the quilting Jackie did on her quilt below.

 Jenn had three beaut quilts to show... quilt #1 above and please, please check out her shoes!  I didn't notice them yesterday but I'm loving them in this photo  :-)

 Jenn's #2 and below Jenn's #3!

 Selina's Mermaid quilt and below her Unicorn backing... wonderfully mystical isn't it.
Selina with some different Mermaids in this quilt.

Ruth crocheted these two purses and her is the link for the instructions if you are interested... Purses
 Ruth also made these two little hats with the instructions here... Hats.

 Stephanie has been crocheting a couple of lovely blankets, top and below.

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