08 February 2015

The came from... Newcastle, Bathurst, Canberra, the Blue Mountains from the Harbour, from the Northern Beaches and everywhere in between to spend their day at the Pub!

 The peace and calm shown in this photo belies the fact that the noise level is high and can be heard streets away... a sign of a happy mob if that ever was one... heads down, hands busy and chatting away.

Now from the front right around the 'U' shape table setting we have...

 Jill and Penny.

 Lyn and Christine.

 Lissa and Maggie.

 Pennie and Emma.

 Jeanette and Marianne.

 Rita and Denise.

 Rhonda and Cath.

 Robyn and Jan.

 Kathleen and Annie.

 Marilyn and Stephanie.

 Ruth and Joy.

 Heather and Munaiba.

 Lynne and Glynis.

 Liz and Brenda.

Pennie (who does get around a bit...)  and Irene.    29 of us.

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