08 February 2015

Show, Show and more Show...

 Munaiba's Cotton Reels.

 Lyn's Owl Quilt.

 Marianne's Circus Quilt...  the quilting she recently learned to do on the back.

 More machine quilting by Marianne, I don't remember what this quilt is called but it's very striking isn't it.

 Jill's Hexi Quilt.

 Kathleen's quilt made around a scarf... and below the Scarf.

Rita's very easy Quilt.

 Stephanie is holding up Marilyn's quilt.

 Jan's Zig Zag quilt for her first Grandchild... and backing below... I'm guessing the Grandchild is a Boy :-)

 Irene's Gumnut Quilt.

Robyn's pretty Dresses and a skirt for a Grandchild.

Now here's a story of a silly lady,
Who had 7 lovely Grandchildren to play,
Their namesssss she kept a mixing,
So she gave them... numbers instead,
... they became...  Penniedarling's Bunch.

Jackson, Abigail, Charlie, Matilda, George, Remy and James...

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