05 May 2014

It was cold and grey but lots of SCQuilters turned up to the Blue Gum for a sit and sew and chat and munch!

I wasn't able to make it to the Blue Gum last Saturday, we had a Baby Shower at our home with 30 beautiful young things, friends of DD2 Briony from School, Ballet and Uni... although I missed the Blue Gum I wouldn't have missed seeing these lovely people for quids!

So how did I manage to get photos for the SYDSCQ Blog!

I have my ways and means... so many thanks to Stephanie, Becky and Penny for all the wonderful photos of last Saturday's fun at the Pub.

 Becky and Rita.

 Claire, Jenn and Selina.

 Gillian and Heather.

 A smallish group but a very productive group.

 Jackie and Cath.

 Lynne and Jill.

 Penny, Robyn and Lyn.

Stephanie and Liz.

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