05 May 2014

Busy Busy hands! We are a very productive lot you know. Photos by Becky. (Becky made this a guessing competition for me, no names on the handwork so my brain got a good workout... If I got one of your works incorrect, as IF! please let me know.)






 Cheeky Lynne A. who won this Babushka bag and only bought it along to show because she knew I wasn't going to be there so I wouldn't steal it!  As IF!  ;-)


 Lynne A.

Lyn W.



 More of Rita's.






Becky did send me clues so I think I got at least 99% correct  :-)  Thanks again Becky.
No only 97% correct  :-)   but all corrected now.


Becky Wright said...

Well done Pennie! The bag of hexies belonged to Jen and the crochet mag and flowers belong to me. I did try and capture the maker with the beautiful work. That's why mine has no maker.

Blog editor said...

You did well for someone who wasn't even there, Pennie! The Babushka bag is sadly not mine, but Lynne A's - she scored it in a swap. She only brought it out because you were not there to pinch it.