07 September 2013

At LAST... Show and Tell.

 Cath's Quilt made for Cath!!  At last, one for her own bed  :-)

 Check out this little beauty... can you tell what it is?  Christine Colley from Bathurst sent me this photo of her Blue Gum Challenge Quilt... it is still minus the last Step which was hexagons but she tells me she has an idea!  She still has until the first meeting in December to work with her idea.

 Emma made this very clever little Sewing case, made from a kit using plastic templates, it sits on your table and when you want to get something out or in, you just squeeze!  Just don't Squeeze if you are holding it upside down though :-)

 This quilt changed Emma's life, it was the last quilt she quilted on her sewing machine... it drove her mad so she bought a Long Arm!
 And.... this is the first quilt she machine quilted on her Long Arm... wonderful quilting especially in the black but I stupidly didn't take a close up photo... sorry everyone.

 Two very funky quilts Erica made in her idol, Gwen Marston's workshops.

 Is this the start of something BIG?  Lissapoo isn't telling but I can whisper...  just to you...  she has many many many metres of this same fabric at home!  We will just have to wait and see I guess... I sure love what she's made already though.

 Fabulous quilt for a male, made by Rita for one of her nephews!

 Now this is something we've been waiting for... for three years in fact!   Each time Sharron has come to the Blue Gum she's been hand sewing one of these blocks, some large some small and as they say... slow and steady wins the race!   Wow!  Wow!  Wow!!

 A little closer...  Lots of hand quilting needed now methinks  :-)

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