07 September 2013

A couple of dozen SCQuilters turned up today, a couple of friends and a couple of young ones... Just a delightful day it was. Everybody has been shot in 'Soft Focus' with my new camera today..

 Annie and Irene.

 This little Angel is Amelia and she belongs to Irene... did you know that if you buy a soft drink you can have 30 mins free Wifi!  I didn't till today.

 Two of the biggest Blue Gum smiles from Becky and Erica.

 Cath and Marianne.

 The beautiful Claire will be a Mrs next month, only two weeks till she marries the love of her life... Happy Day Claire.

 Emma and Jenn with 3 month old Owen.

 Gillian and Christine.

 Heather and Lynne.

 Leigh, Maureen and Sharon.

 Lissa and Maggie.

 Just look at this child... sleeping soundly!

 Not sleeping soundly when Penniedarling has her hands on him... he's smiles and goo and gaa for me!

 Tuppence... Pennie and Penny.



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Hot Fudge said...

So sorry to have missed yesterday Pennie, particularly with a baby to hug. And more particularly since the baby's name is Owen - my late father's name. Ah well, maybe next month.