06 April 2013

More and More Show and Tell...

 Annette started this beaut star quilt in 1995!  Congratulations Annette...  it must feel great to have finished it!

 Annette is one of the 'Blue Gum Happy Hookers'  Look at this seriously lovely cushion she's made!  Wow!
 Back of Annette's Cushion.

 Brenda bought her fabulous Sunshine and Shadow Quilt to bind while she was at the Blue Gum today... Wow Wow Wow  and look at the backing fabric!

 Christine's Applique underway.

 Emma's fascinatingly pretty square quilt, I love the illusion of one square on top of another.   Below is the backing fabric which seriously looks like little Babushkas to me..........  but not Emma??? 

 Heather is slowly making this quilt for her grand daughter Kiri, the work, colour and design are so intricate ... she's very clever that Heather!  Don't you love the Heart!

 This knitted blanket is going to be so soft and warm, Irene has been doing a lot of knitting lately and each item she knits is very different and very Wow! 

 Don't the colours work well in this quilt of Jill's, simple but quite stunning!

 Another of Jill's quilts, Jill was just finishing the binding of this pretty one!

 Joy continuing on her applique... this is going to look wonderful when all together.

 Joy's daughter is expecting twins so Joy has already made two I Spy tops for the new little ones.
 Different but similar.

 I felt something almost hypnotic looking through these perfect little Dresden plates, Lissa is making them from the scraps of her Hexagon Quilt...  mmmmm.... I have lots of scraps and I have sworn never to sew another Hexagon ever again... mmmmm.... 

Wow!  Wow!  Wow!  Lyn... these look fantastic!  this is going to be one fantabulous rug... Lyn is another who's crossed over to the Blue Gum Happy Hookers!
 Maggie had two show and tell today!  Both stunning!  These are the T shirts belonging to a young chap who died in a car accident.  Maggie has made quilts out of his T shirts for his sister and one for his girlfriend.  How lovely are they!  There will be tears I think!

  I added a border to this 'Star Struck Mystery' of Susan Claire's for my niece Hayley!  I almost had enough of the same fabric to make the quilt look like it should  :-)  Almost...  but now that little bit I had to substitute stands our like a beacon to me!

Now I know you've all been waiting for this Show and Tell... as I told you my DD2 Briony just spent two weeks  in New York and bought me back not one but two quilts!

 Well okay they are miniature Dolls House quilts...  Here's the story...

(Briony and Kate were looking around FAO Schwartz on Fifth Avenue opposite Central Park in New York City, when they came across the Dollhouse section.  They had mini dollhouses with tiny people and tiny beds.  On each bed was a beautiful handmade quilt just one inch by one inch in size. )

Thanks Briony I love them  :-)

Annette made this Amy Butler for herself until a girlfriend spied it on her machine and
wanted to buy it, so Annette had to finish and send it off to be quilted.  It's lovely Annette... and thanks for reminding me :-)

 This wonderful old quilt was made by Rita's Grandmother who used Feed Sacks!   it's been tied with red thread which just adds to it!  What a lovely quilt to own.

 Rita made this double sided table runner for a friend... simple but terrific eh!

 Stephanie gave Rita these fabrics and hasn't she done a brilliant job of putting them together... I love the colours of this quilt.

 Ruth, one of the Happy Hookers, has finished her blanket and it's a prefect size to snuggle under on her couch.  I have to admit that even though I will never do crochet... (or another hexagon!)  I would rather love one of these, there is something very attractive about the colours and texture... Very Big Sigh! 

Stephanie's Show and Tell was this terrific bag... looks very copious doesn't it!


Sharon Siacci said...

Fantastic work ladies. Thank-you for sharing.

Hot Fudge said...

What a glorious collection. It has pushed me to try to have something ready to show for next month (said with fingers firmly crossed behind back).

Pennie said...

Like in the picture Hot Fudge?? :-)