06 April 2013

Lets start with 'Food Glorious Food' today. A Menu change after a Kitchen renovation and more building work around the Pub is only a good thing.

 Pizza - Steak - Vine ripened tomato sauce, peppered beef, mushrooms, fior de latte, prosciutto, bearnaise.

 Beef Burger - Hereford Prime beef pattie with lettuce, cheddar, Chorizo, BB marmalade, aioli, brioche.

 Special of the day was Beef and Pie and mash.

 Salt and Pepper Calamari.

 Chorizo Salad.

 Pulled Pork Spring rolls.

Pulled Pork Burger.

Steak Sandwich.

And... for those very naughty people....  S'mores!!!

 And even more S'mores.... Yum!


margaret said...

The pizza looks great. What is that on top of the ice cream. I haven't got past the food yet, now to the show and tell.

Pennie said...

Marshmallow ... Yum!

Hot Fudge said...

For a brief moment I thought you intimated that the pizza was topped with marshmallow. I blame the end of daylight savings.

Pennie said...

What Hot Fudge?? You need another hour of sleep?? you did put your clock back and not forward I hope :)

Unknown said...

Oh that looks good. I may have to join you one day.
I'm just letting you know I added you as a link in my new blog