07 October 2012

Show and Tell and yet more Show and Tell... Wonderful stuff.

Beck is knitting socks, she says one ball makes three socks!  Very useful, a pair and a spare!

A little Owl and the Pussycat quilt for a special Grandson's Baptism.

And now for something totally different from Liz... pretty little Umbrellas.

Ruth and Erica's wonderfully cosy woolen rugs.

A lovely fresh blueish and white quilt from Marilyn.

Jill has a super new red couch, so she made these two cushion covers to go with it... they look great don't they.

Wow!  from Joy... What a spectacular star quilt.

Another Wow from Marianne, just beautiful... I love that block.

It's Wow! all the way with this one as well... started in 1999 or was it 1992?  Anyway it's been a long time in the making.  Looks Great Annette.

LOL... Always a Wow! from Sue, such delicate colours making such a lovely quilt with the really fun backing below.

Isn't this little quilt just stunning!  Such delicate work for one very special child... almost too good for a child isn't it... But what if they sick on it! or worse?

Jean had a photo of her quilt on her iPad, I like that pattern it looks simple but the results are very Wow!

Shirley's WIP, she says it's just scraps, but when I challenged her she had to admit it was fabrics she had been collecting over the years and had decided to use at last :-)

Very pretty little quilt from Stephanie.

A little Canadian wall hanging from Christine.

Now there is a story to this Christmas panel quilt...   it's a bit long and a bit sad but wonderful that it's finished at last.

Several years ago Christine was making this quilt to brighten up her father's room, but before she could finish it, he died, so she just stashed it away in her sewing room.

A few years later Christine decided to finish off the quilting for her mother's room... but her Mum died before Christine could finish the quilting, again this quilt was stashed in her sewing room.

 Just recently Christine dragged this quilt out and decided she had better finish it off...  then just this week her Great Aunt died.

Christine has now finished off this quilt!  So all her relatives can breathe a sigh of relief!
We were a bit shocked by her story but we did laugh as well.  It's wonderful that Christine can tell us about it isn't it!

And to finish off another absolute beauty from Glynis.  Very special isn't it.

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