07 October 2012

Lots and lots and lots of handwork.

 Liz was working slowly, slowly on these ATC's... Erica was hoping she would get one in the same swap...  by the end of the day Liz was sticking to the same stitch rather than all those different stitches on the right, she hopes she gets enough done by the finishing date.

 Another one of Becks blocks.

 Anne-Maree is finishing off these blocks which will also see off the last of her 1930's prints.

 Glynis finishing the binding on this little beauty... what until Show and Tell!  It's very Wow!

 New girl who's name I think is Marianne working of a very pretty rose.

 Robyn is continuing with her lovely little dress up book for her granddaughter.

 Lyn is making slippers similar to the slippers Michelle W. made.

 Marilyn is working on another interesting quilt... this time with an Indian theme.

 Fascinating block of Rita's, sew almost all the way around two squares. Cut as directed and below is what you get!  Clever eh!

 Nice and clean colours from Stephanie.

 Very Wow fabrics of Shirley's.

 Another delicate block from Jean.

 More little Hexies from Sue.

 Finishing quilting of an oldie by Annette.

 Ruth, above and Erica below, are loving working on their Poems Wool rugs.

 I like this interesting block of Jill's, I'm wondering how big this quilt will be.

 Heather is working on another masterpiece, this is the first block.

 Joy busy on her handwork.

I wonder what's coming from these fabrics of Marianne's!

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