06 March 2012

Lots and lots of wonderful Handwork.

 Boring, boring... my 1/2 inch hexagon quilt started in 2005!!!    Although I can now announce that this side is almost, almost...  just about almost finished!  About a dozen hexie's to add and I won't have to touch that end again!
That's the good news, the bad news is that there are another three sides to go... boring!!

 Penny from Pymble is doing hexies as well.

 Irene from Turramurra has decided this quilt she started a fair while ago will be bigger than she first thought.

 Sel from Turramurra, has some interesting hand work on the go.

 Sue, Sue, Sue from Kings Langley... what are you doing to my head!  I need to have some fun just like this :-)  Check out last months posts for some of her other blocks... just Delicious!

 What a wonderful Pin Cushion, almost too good to stick pins into.  Lovely Irene.

 Erica from Parramatta was causing some controversy over her knitting... she's knitting a Cowl.  There was much discussion on what a Cowl was so below is what I found from 'Free Dictionary from Fairfax'.  Which one do you think she is knitting??????

     a. The hood or hooded robe worn especially by a monk.
     b. A draped neckline on a woman's garment.
2. A hood-shaped covering used to increase the draft of a chimney.
3. The top portion of the front part of an automobile body, supporting the windshield and dashboard.
4. The cowling on an aircraft.
 Norma from Waitara continues, by hand on this quilt made from real shirts...  (This is David, my DH's idea of real Quilting, he often offers up his old undies, overalls or anything he's worn out...  just to save me a trip to the Patchwork Shop!  In his dreams...)

Annette was  sewing down the binding of this lovely Jelly Roll quilt.

Lilias from Waitara, has almost finished hand quilting this teddy bear quilt for her grandson.  I expect we will see the finished product next month.

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