06 March 2012

But wait there's more.... More Show and Tell.

 Kyshia from Cremorne was binding her quilt at the same time as she was entertaining us with lots of laughs... with a little help from Claire and Sel and those around them as well   :-)

 Now this was my absolute favourite Show and Tell for the day...  Annette from Allambie Heights, made this quilt especially for me!!  (NO she didn't  Pennie... hands off!)   LOL   but she did offer to give me the pattern of the Babushkas!  (in case you don't know me, I have about 250 wooden Babushka Dolls and Babushka 'things' in my collection, click if you would like check out my 'needs updating' Babushka Blog)

 A lovely Jelly Roll quilt that I think belongs to Annette but I took these photos more than two days ago so my memory is struggling... with the quilt below as well.  Help Please.

Claire needed a trip to Craft Depot to find a good backing for her quilt.

 Penny from Pymble made this delightful little Peter Rabbit for her brand new and first grandchild... called Madison Penelope :-)

 Selina's lovely 'Laptop Cover'.  When she told me I thought she meant she'd made a lap top quilt cover and I thought that was a good idea, if you weren't using the quilt you could turn it into a pillow but....  I've just checked her Blog and no... it's a cover for a Laptop Computer.   How silly am I eh!

 Sel made this 9 patch, what do you call it, fractured 9 patch?  I've made a couple but the name has escaped me and I need to get on.....  Help!

 Selina from Turramurra made this lovely quilt but was saddened to use up the below fabrics for the backing... but it looks so good Sel.

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