04 February 2012

Show and Tell - Part Two.

 Munabia was knitting this fantastic jumper... all in one, see how she's incorporated the sleeves and is doing the neck before continuing down the back.

Ooopppsss.. I took two photos of Heather's bright hexagons... well they are worth two photo I reckon!

 This is my Star Burst quilt from Susan Claire's Mystery above... and below is the one Jean has just finished.  I had to put mine on to this Blog so we could compare them... very similar aren't they :-)      Jean's received lots of 'Wow's' when she showed hers.

 Erica's Black and White quilt... don't you love what she's done with the quilting... she's had the quilt machine quilted and she's going around that quilting with large running stitches in different colours. 

 I love the freshness of this quilt of Jill's, we saw this one beginning last year and today she was finishing the binding.

 It took me a while to understand what Erica is doing here.  This is the quilt of three layers, a backing fabric and a muslin top which have been hand dyed then in the middle a piece if bright yellow flannel...  Today she was stitching around some of the lighter shapes and later on will applique these little printed pictures below.  Fascinating!

This is another of Liz's blocks, she will do 16 in all and you've seen some of the other blocks in other months posts.  This is her Garden Block, with the black path running through... we've been watching this quilt grow over the last couple of years, it's fascinating to watch!

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