06 February 2012

Busy day at the Blue Gum today, lots of different and wonderful hand work going on so I'm starting with that... I know you want to see the food but you will have to be patient and just slowly scroll down!

 Aren't these circles of Sue's just beautiful!  I think she said there were going to be 16 full circles and the half ones for the sides. 

 I've finished quilting my little star quilt... but I don't know what the star is called, it's only a 6 pointed star.... Anyone know?  I need to quilt the background now  mmmm....

 Robyn was making these hexagons from Laura Ashley fabrics... she says this isn't really her style and since this is her first time at the Blue Gum we are yet to find out what her style is!  Stay tuned :-)

I received this wonderful gift... but you don't have to worry it only cost $4 the giver kept telling me and even left the label on to prove it!  LOL
Look it turns into a bag...  I think my collecting passion for Babushka's or Matryoshka's is wide spread, so how lucky am I eh!  If you would like to go and see some of my babushkas just click Babushka's   I have more than are on that blog, which I will put up one day.   Thanks Becky :-)  I do love my new bag.

 This is what I call 'real' quilting, this is Norma cutting her blocks from old shirts!  Wonderful stuff.

 Maggie was sewing away at one of these funky pictures, she has others which are similar, that she plans to make soon.

 Becky always has some lovely hand work on the go, I notice these stars are similar to mine above, what is it called do you know Bec?

 Annie also came for the first time today, I'm fascinated with these beautiful blocks, some of which have some wonderful sayings.  Looking good Annie.

 Kate bought some beaut books for us to browse... one of my New Years Resolutions this year is to use up my plains... I know the quilt on the right isn't made with plain fabrics, it's made with stripped fabric... but there is nothing to stop me from doing something similar with just plain strips of fabric is there... Watch this space people!

 This looks like great fun...   Great flyer...  Are you going??

 Anne-Marie had a wonderful story of her trip to a patchwork class in Wodonga with a friend, where they started this quilt, they intend to return same time next year for the next class and add a trip to see some of the Tennis in Melbourne after.  Sounds good to me!

 See this innocent little quilt of Cath's... well...  just look inside!

 And around the back...  very clever Cath!

Maggie is selling these car stickers to raise some money for the next SCQuilters Retreat in Townsville, if you would like to buy one please email Maggie Gilbert .  Maggie will give you all the details on how to buy one.  Just $5 they are!

 Ooopppsss this just slipped in, it's a postcard of the ship David and I sailed on from Japan to California in 1970, after we'd ridden on the Trans Siberia Railway from Leningrad!  It was on my desktop and just appeared!  It's the President Cleveland in case you are wondering  :-))  I thought I'd leave it here to confuse you all!  It sure did me for a minute!


Dee Soden said...

didn't it sink of Vanuatu somewhere???
I think my sis has done a dive on it.

Pennie and David said...

You've got me interested now Dee, I did a Google and found out the ship near Vanuatu is the President Coolidge, I can't find out what has happened to the President Cleveland or it's sister ship the President Wilson... further research is needed now that you've got me going! :-)

Sue said...

What a fabulous lot of work. So exciting. Makes me want to come over from Auckland for the day.haha!