03 September 2011

Show and Tell for - Selina, Sharon, Becky and Christine.

Selina - made this very pink quilt for a friend who loves pink and just got married in Tasmania.

 Sharon - is piecing away on this lovely quilt, still a fair way to go and she is dreading the arms that go on the heart shapes.
Becky - is knitting socks, she tells us she can make three socks from one ball of wool... that's handy isn't it  :-)
 Christine - is using up all her 1930's fabric for this pretty little hexagon quilt.

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Linda said...

Really great photos taken by you, Pennie! I enjoyed every one of them. It's nice for a change to see your lovely smiling fave. All the people pics are so good, and I adore the quilt pics. Kyishia's Bento Box is fab! I want to be her friend too!