07 August 2011

Our monthly gathering bought a couple of newbies along which was great and with only eleven of us there today the noise level was just the same as with double that number... gosh SCQuilters have a lot to say!!

 Heathers candied hexagons are growing and growing... just take the time to check out some of the wonderful patterns that appear with the piecing... mostly Kaffe fabrics.

 Joy is working on hexagons of a different style.

 Lilias knitted this lovely soft cotton baby blanket for a grandchild yet to arrive, she put some soft flannel on the back and is thinking about tying the quilt together.
 But look at this below....  a beautiful shawl for Lilias' daughter.

 Two more of Liz's blocks... she stopped off at Craft Depot on her way to the Blue Gum today and found just the dog fabric she was needing to put in this quilt.  Hurray!

I am very impressed with myself with the re knitting of this jumper I made David 44 years ago!  The back is finished and the front started... the thing that impresses me the most is the fact that even though I found the old pattern I only need it for the number of stitches and the shaping of sleeves and so on...  I know by the look and feel what stitch I need to do next!  Who would have thought, after 44 years... I still have a memory!  :-)
Free oranges to Blue Gum attendees...  after an early morning start taking my DD1 Nerys and 5 year old grandson Charlie to his soccer game on Saturday Nerys freshly picked these oranges for me to share!  They are delicious, I've just enjoyed a couple for breakfast :-)

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