02 April 2011

Look at us... Sweet Sixteen, that's who we are! Well I'm behind the camera. Lots of loud chat and laughter today at the Blue Gum but for the very first time EVER! In almost six years... that's more than 60 Gatherings @12 per year... there was no Show and Tell! To make up for our recalcitrant behaviour I have devised a couple of little Competitions for you to enter. Enjoy!

 Last weekend I attend the SCQuilters Retreat in Kiama for the day, it was very heart warming to be told by several of the attendees how much they enjoyed our humble little Blue Gum Blog... or was that the Blue Glum Blob? the Blue Bum Glob?  amazing what a comes out of my mouth sometimes!!  LOL and I drink Water or Diet Coke!

Competition #1
What is this???  It makes the most wonderful sound, if a little loud.  One clue... my Brother and my SIL who live in Dubai probably sees lots and lots of them.
 Have a go... the Prize will be overwhelmingly, fantastic and amazing!

Shirley was with us once again but is heading back to Victoria this evening, these little bears are for someone very special I think.

Liz has almost finished three of her 8 block quilt.

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Vireya said...

I'd guess the mystery object is a camel bell.