02 April 2011

Jill started putting these black and white... with the odd bit of lime green, blocks together today.  Can't wait to see a bit more of this quilt.

Lyn W's handwork... you must have a fair number of these blocks now Lyn!  Another quilt I can't wait to see.

Well the Blue Gummers haven't been very prolific today but Gay in England (Gay usually joins us while she is out here) has been very busy... here are two of her recent quilts.
 And this lovely quilt for a little Grandson.

Quilt Number 1.   The #2 Competition.  

Because there were no quilts bought for the Show and Tell today at the Blue Gum, I decided I just couldn't disappoint our followers so I've searched the archives of this Blog and thought up a Guessing Competition.  What you have to do is see if you can find the owners of  the TEN old quilts I've posted this evening,  some of them go way back to 2006.  Put the number with the name of the owner into an email and send it to me privately... pennie@iinet.net.au   The prizes will astound you!!  :-)

Quilt Number 2.

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