05 March 2011

 Erica was putting the finishing touches to this little beauty!

And below Marianne showed us her Bonnie K Hunter 'Star Struck' in a different colour way from the last 'Star Struck' she made... check it out further down this blog on January 9th 2011.

 Above is an old quilt top I made about 12 years ago, it's been at the bottom of my ever growing UFO pile of tops all that time but I've almost finished it now and I'm going to give it to the very beautiful Vilma!    Vilma is Nanny to my three wonderful Grandchildren in Macao, she is Filipino and not only looks after my grandchildren beautifully she also looks after their parents just as beautifully... It wasn't till this quilt was almost finished in Liuxin's quilting machine that I noticed one of the blocks is the wrong way around!  Well if it's survived all these years without self distructing because of an error, I guess it can live plenty more  LOL

Below is my Bonnie K Hunter... Roll, Roll Cotton Boll... another UFO top to add to my pile :-)

Marilyn's wonderful Circle!   Actually I think it's about time I put my Wedge Ruler to use again! I love this quilt.

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Linda said...

Pennie, I'm terribly impressed with your "Roll, Roll Cotton Boll" quilt top! You put me to shame... not only because it's so pretty, but because mine is a long way from being sewn together. Maybe I need to stay home a little more, instead of visiting grandchildren! Thanks for your lovely inspiration.