08 November 2009

Jean Fotheringham won this border fabric in a competition on Di Jobbins Blog a while ago, she loved it so much she bought a lot more of the same fabric and produced this wonderful quilt top!
Becky Wright had a very interesting day... She dragged out some very crumpled pieces from the bottom of her sewing bag and proceeded to put them together... she knew it was a house block cut out many years ago but the pattern was lost so she tried the pieces this way... then she tried them that way... but still there were some left over... did the block have only one chimney or was there two??
But with dogged persistance the block was finished before the end of the day! Well Done Bec!

Bec's Spools are completed, now she will put border of squares around it then another border of some sort.

Cath Midson ran this Michelle Marvig quilt top up in only 5 days... wonderful isn't it!

Cath also made this top... a cheapy for just $20. Good Value I reckon!

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