07 February 2009

Erica was making sure she remembered how to knit squares for Wrapped for Love a class she will be facilitating for at Ryde Library this coming Thursday...

Bec is moving along slowly hand quilting her stars... she did stop to help Mandy baste a quilt and show her how to quilt it today though.
Kath's Nursery Rhyme machine embroidery blocks.
One little two little, three little Indians, four little five little, six little Indians... oh how I remember it well... this is one of the blocks on Kath's quilt above.
Kath's Aussie house machine embroidery blocks.


Vi said...

I ama newbie to blogging and this is my first visit to this site, so hope my request is OK. I love the
aussie houses quilt and wonder if the maker would mind telling me where she got the designs from. thanks

Cath said...

the designs are Glenn Harris of Outback Embroidery I think they Spirit of Australia 3