20 February 2009

Competition Results for February!

There were several guesses as to who was holding these beautiful beads from Dyed and Gone to Heaven... but one SCQuilter... who has never been to the Blue Gum really pulled out all the stops... here are copies of her emails.

'Could it be Jill from Thornleigh?'

Then when I asked how on earth she guessed correctly this is her reply...

"I went back to 2007 Christmas photos (couldn't find her in the 2008 ones) and compared them with the little bit that we could see in last Saturday's photo. That was the most likely candidate! Don't tell me I'm right? If I am, let someone else win. I promise I won't tell!" Lindi

There was nobody else who guessed correctly... well there was someone who knew but I wouldn't let Lisa have a go because she sold them to her!

So this is Lindi's prize, a fund raising Thimble for the Bathurst SCQ Retreat 2010 and a little quilt I made from a pattern I won from Lindi's Blog...

Thanks for the fun Jill and Lindi I'll do something similar another month.

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