13 December 2008

Can you Guess who made these wonderful Necklaces... leave a comment and I'll send a lovely prize from my stash to the first correct answer.


Lissa Jane said...

aw.. could it be Bec?

not that I want to win anything.. I just like guessing these things!

Looks like everyone was ESTATIC with their 'bad' santa gifties.. what fun!!!

Carrum Downs Scquilters said...

Lisa Hannon!
How did you make it????
Helen Evans

Anonymous said...

was it Bec who made the button necklace. Wish I had been there with you all
Shirley in Park Orchards

Anonymous said...

Bec's necklaces! Perhaps we have an advantage in NZ that we get up 2 hours earlier that you lot in OZ!!!

Dorothy in Stratford, NZ

MAry-anne said...

Would that be Bec?????
Don't know her surname

Lindi said...

Well it's Bec wearing it. I suppose she made it, although it's possible someone made it for her. I'll go for Bec.

aykayem said...

That would have to be Bec.
... and the necklace goes so well with the snack tray she won in the raffle, in the picture further down in the blog ... LOL

(disorganised in Dunlop)

Quiltycat said...
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Anonymous said...