13 December 2008

Can you Guess who didn't make this wonderful top... leave a comment and I'll send a lovely prize from my stash to the first correct answer.


Carrum Downs Scquilters said...

I think this was not made by Pennie & many others. I think Lyn made it!
Helen Evans

ozjane said...

will guess Lisa

Anonymous said...

Heather was wearing the shirt! Nice shirt!

Dorothy in Stratford NZ....up early!

Lindi said...

Now that looks like Heather, but I reckon no one at the GTG made it!
Don't think i want to win another of your prizes, tho'. There's always a catch! lol

aykayem said...

Ah - that would have to be Heather
- I recognised the sleeves - lol ... and I think that galleon would probably match the bottom of her shirt as well as it matches the top/collar of it - LOL
(did someone hand the gifts out to those whose clothing/etc they matched? *Andrea ducks and runs*)

disorganised in Dunlop

aykayem said...

Hmmm ... maybe blogger has been reading my blog and knows I have too much stash - it seems to have "lost" both of my answers (I left comments answering both questions at about lunch time today ... now one other comment has been approved on the other question and the time is way later than I left mine ... oh well ... maybe someone else beat me anyway (I find it hard to believe that nobody was up reading this blog earlier this morning) ... I should be out in my sewing room using the too much stuff I already have, not in here leaving comments on blogs! ... or maybe I should be posting something to my OWN blog? LOL)

btw ... just in case nobody else noticed the familiar sleeves on the shirt in the photo of Heather and the Galleon - yes ... looks like it was Heather wearing that wonderful shirt ... and probably everybody who was there DIDN'T make it - LOL

disorganised in Dunlop
(heading off to walk the dog, then hopefully I can get some sewing done before I have to go get DD from work)

:-) sue :-) said...

I know the answer!! I know the answer!!!

It was me. ME!!! I didn't make it ;-)

(in fact I've never seen it before in my life .... I swear, your honour!)