18 August 2019

Penno Pub fun!

 We've seen little bits of this quilt being made over the past months but now Glynis has it together!  Just Stunning!  Well deserving of that Halo!

 These two blocks look interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing what Ann does next with them, there are a few hints here.

 Penny's stitching is coming along very nicely.

 Heather has been working on this quilt for a while, I'm loving the colours and the applique and the pattern as well!

 Becky is knitting these very Wow!  socks... just one sock so far though.

 I love these little sheep on this mat being made by Lynne for a friend who has sheep!  Lovely.

 Irene was crocheting a shawl with this beautiful cotton.

 Wow!  This pattern had me absolutely stunned.  Brenda was putting together this 'sort of hexagon' block which when all connected is appliqued onto a larger fabric.  The pattern is one from Bridget Giblin, who by the way was the first person I went to to learn Patchwork and Quilting way back in 1992, she had a lovely little shop in our local shopping centre.    Anyway... I had to go to Bridget's website to see the whole pattern and am thinking...  Do I?  Will I?     Maybe I do and will eh!!  Here's a link to the photo of what will be the finished quilt top...  Mary Mary 

 Michelle was crocheting a blanket for her Daughter who has requested these colours and the pattern... so beautiful!   Michelle just sent me this photo of what she's put together so far... looks fabulous doesn't it.

 I was mucking around doing nothing really, it was so lovely to be able to make it to one of these Pub Quilty gatherings at last I just wanted to chat but I did bring along this Aran Vest I'm knitting in one piece, which I had to give up on because of my chatting then I picked up this very old Hexie to quilt but gave up very quickly!      I might have to buy that Bridget Giblin 'Mary Mary' quilt pattern... what do you think????

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