02 February 2019

Lovely to see lots of SCQuilters at the Blue Gum Pub today it was.

I put out a 'polite' request for Show and Tell and boy oh boy did these SCQuilters come good!  Many inspiring works of all sorts were shown!  Wonderful stuff everybody!

A couple of very snazzy pairs of socks made by Bec.

 Cath - Foxes above and below lovely and bright.

 Emma - cute little pots of flowers on this little mat, and below a seriously funky Pin Cushion, Emma bought the actual pin cushion from a friend and she screwed the cup to the saucer, very clever.

Erica - Fresh and light, is the way I would describe this quilt, lovely.

Fiona - Isn't this quilt WOW!  made for a family member who loves sailing.  What a wonderful idea  to use signal flag messages eh!

 Liz - Love this copy of an ancient something and below check out this... and I don't think I asked or found out what this fabulous 'thing'  actually is... silly me.

Lynne - aren't these terrific, laundry bags for our Aussies in Service overseas.

Marilyn - tells us this beaut quilt is a Bonnie K Hunter pattern, not one of her Mysteries though.

Pennie - This is my first attempt at putting squares together 42 years ago, now turned into two quilts, the green flower fabric is left over from my oldest daughters school uniform.  I did put these on the Blog a fortnight ago but had forgotten to take them along that time.

 Rita - Great Hexagon pattern in this quilt isn't it and below is another of Rita's.

Selina - Bought along three fabulous quilts, lovely and bright.
 I love what the white borders do to this quilt below.

 Steph - Bought a long a couple of lovely fresh beauties.

Stephanie McC - Bought along a couple of the books she's just put together for herself and her family... and yes that is a photo of Stephanie on the book below, how cute is she!

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