04 November 2018

Busy hands making some fabuloous crafty things.

 Looking forward to seeing what this lovely handwork of Anne's will turn out as.

 Becky enjoyed last weekend at the FibreFest in Singleton, here's a couple of the things she did.
 Becks wonderful 'Floozy'  ??  below has me puzzled as well but it is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished cardigan.

 Jill always has some thing interesting and different underway, I wonder how this will turn out..

 Liz's own design made up from crane photos.

Below is a little shawl knitted by Lynne for Liz, I should have grabbed a photo of Liz wearing, yesterday wasn't a day for warm woolies though, it was far too hot!

 Delicate little stitchery is Lynne's latest project.

 Maureen was in a hurry trying to finish this quilt for a nephew.

 I was sewing the seams together in this jumper for DD2, this is the third time I've knitted this multi coloured front... I'm not game to say the last because if I do I'm sure to get another request!

 Ruth was also at the FibreFest last weekend, here are her hand dyed wools.

 I love this twist on the good old Hexagon pattern being made by Stephanie.

Steph also attended the FibreFest last weekend and here are her wools.

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