05 May 2018

Some wonderful Handwork and some wolderful Dilly Bags.

Joy's stunning bag.

Robyn is making a smaller quilt than usual, using these funky fabrics.

Robyn's lovely Dilly Bag.

Jackie is making this quilt using pictures from one of her daughters favourite books which is 'Guess how much I love you',  the daughter received this book when she was 4 years old, she is now in her 20's.
Bottom left is the book and some of the blocks already made.

This little Dilly Bag belongs to Jennifer, as does the needle case.

Lesley is knitting this beanie, looks rather warm and comfortable doesn't it.

Jennifer putting the binding on her Hexagon/Doily quilt.

Jill's wonderful needle cushion.

Joy's Hexagon block.

This looks stuning doesn't it, Maureen was hand quilting.

I was told that you have seen this before.....  do you remember who's it is??    ***

Penny is going great guns getting her blocks together.

Irene crocheting another scarf for to keep someone warm this coming winter.

Irene is also knitting this block below.

Lynne's fabulous stitching, always up to something beautiful.

***  I think it was Joy!

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