02 April 2017

Wow! That was a fun day that's for sure! About 23 quilters, knitters, crocheters and stitchers were able to make it to the Blue Gum Pub yesterday and they bought lots of 'Show and Tell' as well... Just wait till you see the 'Show'!

Here's the SCQuilters I managed to get photos of,  some got away too quickly and some got into more than one photo!!  I won't name them but you will soon discover who.

Annie and Marilyn.

 Cath and Jackie

 Cheryl and Lyn.

 Emma, Heather and Robyn.

 Jan and Kathleen.

Jean and Liz.

Kate and Pennie.

Lyn and Stephanie Mc.

Pennie and Lyn.

Penny and Lynne.

 Selina and Pennie.

 Stephanie and Becky.

Yan and Donna.

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