07 March 2017

By Special Request... Irene's Yummy, Lemony, Crunchy Crumble Slice!


Put the following in the food processor and process until crumbly :

·      250g SR flour
·      75g sugar
·      Pinch salt
·      150g cold butter
·      1 egg
·      Vanilla extract

Press ¾ of the mixture in a square tin (11 or 12” square) or lamington tin and top with Lemon Curd or Jam.

Sprinkle remaining mixture on top and bake at 170C until golden brown.

(If liked, add some coconut or nuts into the top crumble)

Thank you Irene, you are a Gem :-)


Plum Cox said...

Thanks for the recipe - it sounds great! I've made a copy of it to make with my daughter next time she wants to bake!

Pennie said...

Enjoy, she will love it.