05 February 2017

WOW!!! There are some very beautiful amazing and wonderful treasures being made around here!

Annie made this 'Pussy Hat', we chose Beck to model it because she's best at keeping her eyes closed  :-)

 Selina does make some really complicated quilts, aren't they wonderful!  
 I know this post is Show and TELL but I can't always remember the Tell!   I do know there was something about five blocks that Sel was telling us about though.
P.S. with a little help from Heather...
Selena's quilt was part of an overseas swap where she only received
5 blocks, but should have been more.   She requested blue, green and
yellow, but the blocks she received weren't exactly what she was expecting

Jean was binding this lovely little quilt.

 Just look at this circle quilt made by Glynis,  is it square blocks or is it circle blocks?  It's both isn't it. And the back is similar!  Wow!

 Jen was hand quilting crosses on this little quilt being made for a friends new baby... how lucky are they!
 Emma's been busy, a Crochet Table Runner and a lovely big warm blanket.

 This is Rita's finished Mario Brothers Quilt made for a Soldier, fabulous isn't it.

This little band of Quilters live only 5 mins away from each other and started meeting regularly 14 years ago, each year we do a Challenge which is always fun. Our 2016 Challenge was set by Penny and it was a Garden Theme using Green, Applique, Four Patch and Embroidery.  Not all of us could be there yesterday but their quilts were.


These photos below were taken at our Revelation a couple of weeks ago so I didn't take close up's yesterday.






Pennie #1.

Pennie #2.

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