06 August 2016

13 Lucky Quilters left the comfort of their homes, stopped watching the Olympic Games and ventured out into the cold damp weather to enjoy a very chatty, yummy, fun day at the Blue Gum Pub!

 Heather and Robyn.
 Irene and Jill.
 Joanne and Glynis
 Lynne and Penny.
 Marilyn and Stephanie.
And... finally...  Rita, Pennie and Cath!


Connie said...

It must be so much fun, having a group of talented fun loving ladies to get together with and share ideas. If I could sprout wings and fly across the world, I would join you in a minute :)
Keep Smiling!
Connie :)

Pennie said...

It's always a lovely day Connie, when you do 'sprout' those wings you will be very welcome :-) cheers Pennie