06 December 2015

There was lots of Happy Happy Christmas at the Pub today, and I needed all my fingers and toes to count how many lovely SCQuilters joined us from all over the World!

 Lots and lots of Happy Christmas faces all doing what I told them to do...  Looking at the Camera!  :-)

 Cath and Penny.

 Emma and Jeanette.

 Erica and Becky.

Lizzie and Lynne.

 I have no idea who these three are...  surely they can't be SCQuilters!!   Actually I think it's the Quiz they making faces at not meeeee....

 Heather and Jackie.

 Irene and Joy.

 Jenn and Joy.

 Joy and Linda.

There was a lot of 'Joy' at the Pub yesterday  :-)

 Lyn and Robyn.

 How lovely it was to see Marcus and Josie and Claire pop in for lunch.

 Marianne and her daughter Ellen.

 Pennie and Maggie who flew in from the Philippines just for a day at the Pub.

Michelle, Lissa and Christine who caught the train from Bathurst just for a day at the Pub with us all.

 Jenn on the right and Selina in a DRESS!  I've always loved dresses like this!  Mmmm...  don't think I'd get away with it nowadays though.

Stephanie, Annie and Marilyn.

Marianne and Glynis.

 Brenda and Maggie.

As a one off Christmas Donation, Annie sent around a tin to collect Gold Coins for the Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia Foundation.  Annie reports that $100.00 was collected from the SCQuilters on Saturday which means we can buy:-
2 x Dress Nightgown and Bedding - $60.00
20 x Pairs of Rubber Slippers - $40.00    This is truly wonderful.


Our patient's healing starts as soon as they arrive, when they are given a nightgown to wear during their stay.  On the day they leave, they are presented with a new dress to celebrate their return home.  $30.00 is all we need to buy a dress, nightgown and bedding for one patient.

When they arrive at the hospital they almost always come barefoot.  For just $40 we can buy 20 pairs of plastic slippers for patients who arrive with no shoes and they get to walk home to thier village with shoes, some walking over 3 or more days.

Thanks for organizing this Annie.

You can check out the Hamlin Fistula Foundation here...  http://hamlin.org.au/

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