04 October 2014

So many of my SCQuilter friends are making something I REALLY want to make, there is always such a choice of fabrics and wools and patterns... I just don't know where to start!

 Gillian busy cutting up scraps into Hexagons.

 Glynis was just sitting for a while  :-)

 Heather working on Ice Skaters this month.

 The Happy Hookers Corner!

 Jeanette's work looks interesting...

 Hey!  Check out Jen's stitching down of her binding, what a brilliant idea!

 Jill is doing great on her hexagon quilt.

 Joy's lovely bright Applique.

 Kate was all ready to sew... and guess what!! She did, she made one star.

 Kerry's dog is looking very funky!  Is that a fish on the right?

 Lissa go lots basted today, well done you...

 Coming along nicely isn't it, you can see Liz's work growing month after month.

 Lyn is ready to sew but I missed the actual sewing bit... next month okay.

 Lynne is just finishing the binding on this little quilt that you will see in the Show and Tell.

 Wow!  Maureen, just Wow!

 Guess what?  Michelle has started something new :-)

 This is fascinating, I'm looking forward to seeing the end result of this work of Munaiba's.

 I'm knitting away at my left over wools from my Mick Aston cardigan, I don't know what this will end up as, probably a Vest, I don't think I have enough wool left for sleeves.

 Another piece of Robyn's bright and colourful quilt.

 Selina was well prepared, she bought a big box full of scraps to cut up.

Just beautiful isn't it.  Sharon really enjoyed making this, she's not sure where she's going with it now, we'll just have to wait and see won't we.

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